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silver lining
Coming soon...

I was recently hosted by the National University of Colombia to present a masterclass on vibes and e-vibes and I was deeply touched by the soul and deep appreciation of music that I experienced in all the students - and faculty! A heart-felt Thank You goes out to everyone for the warm hospitality, together with a promise to come back soon!

This summer, I had the honor and unique excitement to be part of a very special project, aiming to create a colorful universe in which both connoisseurs and first-time audiences will experience the joy and allure of music. Christos Hatzis, Petros Klampanis, Antonis Sousamoglou and myself lay down the foundation to create a common musical language that defies strict categorizations, creating a totally unexpected result!

Take a taste here: Sonic Convergence - Athens Epidaurus Festival (

I was recently featured in Vic Firth's newsletter and had the opportunity to chat with my dear friend Anders Åstrand about vibes, inspiration and / S O L O /, my latest project combining vibes with electronics.

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