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silver lining
Coming soon...

Our new piano/vibraphone project with Giovanni Mirabassi, Silver Lining, will be released on all major platforms on May 27th and we are overjoyed to share a diverse repertoire of music with you, ranging from Stevie Wonder to Horace Silver, as well as original compositions from Giovanni and myself.

Make sure you presave the album, by clicking here:

In the meantime, here is a taste of our first single, 'Unrequited'.


Growing up in the late ‘80s/early ‘90s, I was heavily exposed to the sound of the synthesizer and was dreaming of ways to incorporate it in my music.

But, how could that be possible, being a vibraphone player?

When I started experimenting with the Pearl EM1 MalletStation in summer 2018, I realized that this may be the vehicle I needed, to connect me with my teen aspiration: to combine the digital sound with the gorgeous sound of vibes.

Combining e-vibes and vibes is yet further evidence that technology in music is here to stay.

There are endless ways forward and we are voyagers on an exciting journey; let’s dive in and have fun with it!

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