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'Sonic Convergence' at the 2022 Athens Epidaurus Festival

Sonic Convergence

Composition: Christos Hatzis

Bass & vocals: Petros Klampanis

Violin: Antonis Sousamoglou, David Bogorad

Viola: Thanassis Sourgounis

Cello: Vassilis Saitis

I am excited to be part of the 2022 Athens Epidaurus Festival, presenting Sonic Convergence, together with world class musicians I look up to and respect! This project brings us together to bridge our different backgrounds and allows us to:

  • create music that is not trapped in artistic silos nor characterized as a particular genre,

  • experience a true learning experience ourselves, through the collaboration and reconciliation of many different elements,

  • develop a musical language that transcends musical categories, instilling messages of social unity through the cultural diversity that music brings

We aspire to create sound convergence and a musical consensus well beyond the limits of our individual specializations and the prejudices and stereotypes that these typically create. We believe that collectively we possess the tools to achieve it substantially, not only for ourselves, but – above all – for a multicultural audience!

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